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The Directory of Powers

A continuously updated encyclopedia of known powers in the Star Child universe
--Entry 224, Flamethrowers--

Description: An ability characterized by incinerating bouts of flame, launched directionally in arcs or spurts. Often confused with Igniters, these two types of powers are not to be conflated as Flamethrowers retain little to no control of fire after release.

Strength: Typically a medium power level, measured by precision and heat intensity of flames. Often an estimation of the strength of a Flamethrower can be determined through spectral analysis of light released from combustion or ability to melt various alloys.

Location: Documented cases occur in regions experiencing heavy wildfires, particularly in the summer months and drought. It is noted that, while more rare, heavy influences of fire in the area can also lead to increased flamethrower birth rates. Such cases were documented in the city of Landershire two centuries prior to this book's publication, when twelve blacksmith shops in close proximity yielded a 75% increase of regional Flamethrowers.

--Entry 146, Hurricaners--

Description: Characterized by their blasting winds accompanied by torrential downpours, Hurricaners are renowned for wavelike attacks that flare up and dissipate in time spans as short as minutes. Even to themselves, the Hurricaner's powers are unpredictable, rendering them ineffective at delicate tasks but powerful in causing chaos in the art of war.

Strength: Typically a high power level, Hurricaners are difficult to measure due to the variation aspect of their abilities. Therefore, estimations can only be achieved, during the cresting peak of their power, and are determined via windspeed and static charge differentials of the air. Correlations have been observed between higher strengths and lower lifespans, though the frequency of power usage is unknown to have an effect upon this observance.


Location: Hurricaners occur most often near the coastline, though cases have been observed far inland in the presence of active seasons. The strength of the hurricane itself has been shown to have a strong effect on the percent of the population inheriting the power. Studies show that fifteen to twenty five years after category five hurricanes, violent crime spikes in affected regions by several deviations.

--Entry 49, Sparkstreamers--

Description: Sparkstreamers are known for their ability to produce electric like whips, controlled as a sort of third arm or tendril. Often employed as nonlethal security or law enforcement, their abilities allow them to stun or fend off opponents with ease.

Strength: Typically a moderate power level, their strength is categorized across several dimensions. Lower individuals operate with static electricity, while more advanced use full alternating current. Extremely skilled individuals can simulate electronic pulses, allowing them to interface with low level computer equipment and radios. Whip length and color also contribute to skill, with brighter colors indicating greater danger, and the longest length ever recorded in the laboratory at thirty nine feet.

Location: Sparkstreamers spawn in areas with heavy thunderstorms or low humidity climates with excess static electricity. Traditionally, they played a large role in hunter gatherer societies where their ability to stun animals and fish made them highly desirable. In the modern world, Sparkstreamers can often be found near inefficient power stations with minor coronal discharge, and since the invention of neon/fluorescent lighting their numbers have swelled by approximately 30%.

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